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This part of the IVS site is dedicated to the presentation of selected projects currently or recently performed by IVS members in the areas of surface science, thin films and vacuum research and technology. The projects presented hereby are authored by IVS members who hold their publication rights. Presented material may include short communications on topics that IVS members work on, preliminary results (including graphs and other artwork), reports and thoughts on engineering issues related to thin films, surface science and vacuum technology.

It is noteworthy that:

a. The material published in this section is published under the responsibility of the sender. The IVS has no means to assure that the information presented here is accurate and is not responsible for the content.

b. As far as the IVS is concerned, the material published here was not peer-reviewed.

c. The IVS will not be liable to any damage caused by reading the material / acting according to procedures described in the published material.

d. The IVS reserves the right not to accept projects for publication.


If you would like your project to be presented here, please fill and sign the Projects - Submitting Form (both electronic signatures and scanned forms are acceptable) and send together with the manuscript (MSWORD / pdf file). You may report on several projects, however, in this case each project should be summarized on a different file. Files should not exceed 4 A4 pages.


Please refrain from sending commercial material / advertisement or any kind or SPAM.

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