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The Israel Society for Plasma Science and Technology Applications (IPSTA) is a division within the Israel Vacuum Society, serving as a home for those in the community of researchers who work with various areas related to the science and technology of plasma. The idea of forming a division was initiated in 1998 by Ray Boxman, who realized that there was quite a large number of groups in academia and in research institutes who were working this area and who would like to share knowledge and expertise and seek an adequate platform.  
As part of its activities, IPSTA arranges annual meetings, sponsored by IVS. So far, IPSTA has organized the following scientific meetings:
  • 1998 TAU. Organizer: Ray Boxman
  • 1999 TAU. Organizer: Yitzhak Maron and Ray Boxman
  • 2000 BGU. Organizer: Michael Mond
  • 2001 Technion. Organizer: Yakiv Krasik
  • 2002 Weizmann Institute of Science. Organizer: Yitzhak Maron
  • 2003 Holon, Academic Inst.of  Technology. Organizer: Amnon Fruchtman
  • 2004 TAU, organizer: Ray Boxman
  • 2005 The College of Judea and Samaria. Organizers: Asher Yahalom and Yosef Pinhasi
  • 2006 TAU. Organizer: Ray Boxman
  • 2008 BGU. Organizer: Michael Mond
  • 2009 HUJI. Organizer: Arie Zigler
  • 2010 Technion. Organizer: Yacov Krasik
  • 2011 Ariel University Center of Samaria. Organizers: Yosef Pinhasi, Yuri Lurie, Asher Yahalom, and Danny Hardon
  • 2012 Weizmann Institute of Science. Organizer: Yitzhak Maron
  • 2013 Holon, Academic Inst. of Technology, Organizer: Amnon Fruchtman
  • 2014 TAU
  • 2015 Ariel University
  • 2016 BGU
  • 2017 HUJI
  • 2018 TAU
  • 2019 Technion (together with IVS)
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