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Webinar Series

Crucial Skills from Scientists

 ​At the IVS, we are proud to introduce a new series of webinars "Crucial Skills for Scientists”
We are happy to announce a new IVS webinar series, "Crucial Skills for Scientists," parallel to our ongoing webinar series, "Big Topics from Top Scientists." In this unique webinar series, lectures on a broad range of topics related to the mastery and aptitude needed in the scientific world, such as creativity, applying scientific knowledge to practical situations, and research abilities will be given by expert scientists. This series will focus, among other things, on writing and verbal communication skills, critical thinking and problem solving, management, and business acumen.
The 45 minutes talk will be followed by a Q&A session where all the participants can ask questions to the speaker (15 - 30 min.)
Introduction to the IVS webinar series on "Crucial Skills for Scientists" -
Prof. Gilbert Daniel Nessim President, Israel Vacuum Society (IVS)

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