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The International Union for Vacuum Science Technique and Applications (IUVSTA), formed 1958, is an international umbrella organization of national societies aiming at stimulating international collaboration in the fields of vacuum science, technology and applications, and related multi-disciplinary topics. At present, the organization encompasses the vacuum societies of 31 countries.  Among the many activities of IUVSTA one may find the organization of a triennial International congress, a series of "Gordon-style" workshops, a regular series of European vacuum conferences (EVC), a regular series of international conferences on thin films (ICTF), and, together with the European Physical Society, a regular series of European conferences on surface science (ECOSS).
The IVS is a full member of IUVSTA and as such is eligible to appoint representatives to the various divisions of IUVSTA. The representatives for the 2022-2025 triennium are:
Dr. Amos Bardea – Division of Applied Surface Science
Dr. Irit Goldian– Division of Biointerfaces
Dr. Noa Lachman -Senesh- Division of Electronic Materials and Processing
Prof. Daniel Nessim- Division of Nanometer Structures
Prof. Asher Yahalom- Division of Plasma Science & Technologies 
Dr. Muhammad Bashouti- Division of Surface Engineering
Prof. Igor Rahinov - Division of Surface Science
Prof. Elad Gross - Division of Thin Films
Dr. Alexander Strikovsky– Division of Vacuum Science and Technology
The IVS urges its members to be part of the international activities fostered by IUVSTA, and perceives active membership in IUVSTA as an important way to promote Israeli science and technology in the areas of surfaces and thin films at a global level.
For more details and questions regarding joining IUVSTA activities contact us

More details regarding IUVSTA can be found at:
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