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This part of the IVS site is dedicated to the presentation of selected manuscripts in the areas of surface science, thin films and vacuum research and technology. The manuscripts presented hereby, whether authored by IVS members or not, are selected based on their quality, novelty and relevance to our community. All of them were published recently in high quality peer-reviewed journals.

Specific care is given to avoid copyright violations. Although the material published hereby is openly accessible, the copying and / or distribution of the presented material (text, images, photographs, figures etc.) to a third body are prohibited without obtaining written permission from the copyright owner.


If you would like your manuscript (or actually any manuscript) to be presented here, please make sure, prior to sending the material to us, to contact the copyright holders and to get their written permission for publishing. To send the material, please fill and sign the Manuscripts - Submitting Form (both electronic signatures and scanned forms are acceptable) and send together with the manuscript (MSWORD / pdf file).


Another way for presenting relevant manuscripts is by linking to openly published material on the internet. In that case, there is no need to get permission for linking. So if you come across an openly published manuscript, please send us the details of the link.


Please refrain from sending commercial material / advertisement or any kind or SPAM.


The IVS reserves the right to reject manuscripts based on the criteria presented above.  

Manuscripts - Submitting Form

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