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"....History is the soil on which future may grow and bloom..."
This archive contains the contents of the books of abstracts published in past IVS meetings.  We do hope that the archive reflects the activities of IVS over the years.  In a nut shell, going over the abstracts is like marching through the history of vacuum research in Israel and getting a first-hand impression of the continuous evolvement of the society.
                We did our best to assemble all relevant documents. Unfortunately, the dynamics and the voluntary nature of IVS activities (which we are proud of) led to lost-of track of many of the soft-files.  Therefore, in many cases we had to manually scan books of abstracts that had been collected from veteran participants. Still, not all data was amassed. Some conferences are missing. If you have old books of abstracts that do not appear hereby (or, better, soft copies..), we would appreciate if you contact us. Needless to mention, all data will be sent back to the sender upon scanning.
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