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Igor Rahinov

Position:Board Member
The Open University of Israel - OUI Department of Natural Sciences
Rahinov's research interests concern primarily the complex interplay between condensed phase and gaseous environment. Within this vein the research focuses on two separate, yet closely coupled directions: (1) Fabrication of nanomaterials by gas-phase high temperature synthesis (e.g. combustion and chemical vapor deposition) and (2) Study of the basic aspects of the interaction and the energy exchange between surfaces and gas-phase environment. These two research directions aim to elucidate the mechanistic pathways leading to synthesis of smart catalytic materials on one hand, and to the understanding of the basic aspects of gas-surface interaction, related to heterogeneous catalysis on the other.
Selected Publications
  1. Sellmann, I. Rahinov, S. Kluge, H. Jünger, A. Fomin, S. Cheskis, C. Schulz, H. Wiggers, A. Kempf, I. Wlokas " Detailed simulation of iron oxide nanoparticle forming flames: Buoyancy and probe effects" Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 37 (1) 1241-1248, 2019
  2. R. Shirhatti, I. Rahinov, K. Golibrzuch, J. Werdecker, J. Geweke, J. Altschäffel, S. Kumar, D.J. Auerbach, C. Bartels, and A.M. Wodtke "Observation of the adsorption and desorption of vibrationally excited molecules on a metal surface" Nature Chemistry 10, 592-598, 2018 -
  3. Rahinov, Y. Toker, K. Hansen, D. Schwalm, O. Heber, and D. Zajfman " The effect of a localized charge on the structure and stability of Van-Der Waals clusters" The European Physical Journal D- (Atomic, Molecular, Optical and Plasma Physics) 70:260, DOI: 10.1140/epjd/e2016-70475-y), 2016
  4. Geweke, P. R. Shirhatti, I. Rahinov, C. Bartels, A. M. Wodtke "Vibrational energy transfer near a dissociative adsorption transition state: State-to-state study of HCl collisions at Au(111)" The Journal of Chemical Physics 145, 054709, 2016
  5. Kluge, L. Deng, O. Feroughi, F. Schneider, M. Poliak, A. Fomin, V. Tsionsky, S. Cheskis, I. Wlokas, I. Rahinov, T. Dreier, A. Kempf, H. Wiggers, C. Schulz, "Initial reaction steps during flame synthesis of iron-oxide nanoparticles", CrystEngComm, vol 17 (36), pp- 6930-6939, 2015
  6. Poliak, A. Fomin, V. Tsionsky, S. Cheskis, I. Wlokas, I. Rahinov, "On the mechanism of nanoparticle formation in a flame doped by iron pentacarbonyl", Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 17, 680-685, 2015
  7. Rahinov, A Fomin, M Poliak, S Cheskis, "Absorption electronic spectrum of gaseous FeO: in situ detection with intracavity laser absorption spectroscopy in a nanoparticle-generating flame reactor", Applied Physics B; Lasers and Optics, 117: 317-323, 2014
  8. A Fomin, M Poliak, V Tsionsky, S Cheskis, I Rahinov, A method for nanoparticle characterization by laser induced detuning of quartz crystal microbalance (LID-QCM), Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 202, 861-865, 2014
  9. Rahinov, Toker Y., Heber O., Strasser D., Rappaport M., Schwalm D., Zajfman D."Lifetime measurements in an electrostatic ion beam trap using image charge monitoring", Review of Scientific Instruments, 83 033302, 2012
  10. Rahinov., Cooper R., Matsiev D., Bartels C., Auerbach D.J., Wodtke A.M., “Quantifying the break-down of the Born-Oppenheimer approximation in surface chemistry” Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 13(28),: 12680-12692, 2011
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