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AVS 67 Virtual Showcase

With the unfortunate cancellation of the AVS 67th International Symposium & Exhibition, AVS is pleased to present the AVS 67 Virtual Showcase to be held October 27-29, 2020, 10:00 am-1:15 pm. (EDT). Like the AVS International Symposium, this Virtual Showcase will also cover a range of emerging topics related to materials, processing, and interfaces in both the research and manufacturing communities. The Virtual Showcase will consist of three live sessions filled with invited speakers and award talks, live Q&A, other highlights, and special events.

Although you will be required to register to participate in this event, AVS is providing the Virtual Showcase FREE of charge in order to support our community, promote collaboration, networking, engagement, and disseminate scientific content.

*Live Daily Session with Invited Speakers and Award Presentations Featuring Live Q&A

*Live Professional Development and Networking Events

*Live Virtual Sponsor Rooms

For further information, please visit the AVS 67 Virtual Showcase page

AVS 67 Virtual Showcase
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