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December 10th,Weizmann Institute of Science

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Since its inception in 1968, the main goals of the Israel Vacuum Society have been to promote and stimulate professional interconnections and communication among Israeli scientists specializing in the areas of surface science, thin films and vacuum science, and to foster educational activities in these areas at various scientific levels.
There is a common understanding that surface science, thin films and vacuum technology should be regarded in a broad sense. Accordingly, members of the society work in a wide range of fields including nanotechnology, optoelectronics, low-k dielectrics, hard coatings, thin films, self-assembly, sensors, bio-interfaces, electronic materials, MEMS, thermodynamics and kinetics of processes, and surface dynamics. Read More...


Dr. Noa Lachman-Senesh

Position: IVS President (since 2023)

Dr. Tatyana Bendikov

Position: Board Member and IVS Treasurer

Dr. Amos Bardea

Position: Board Member and Scientific Secretary

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