IVS2017 35th Annual Conference & Workshop

September 10-11, 08:00-18:30 Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot

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Join a thriving community of hundreds of scientists, technology and industry leaders, enjoy the most veteran conference in modern materials in Isarel. While tracking the traditional fields of basic and applied surface science, thin films and vacuum technology, the conference puts emphasis on the emerging fields of nano-electronics and spintronics, photonics and plasmonics as well as bio-interfaces, soft matter and much more.


   Sunday, September 10th- Conference 

   Plenary Session

   Where Materials meet: Passivation and Activation of Semiconductor and Metal     Surfaces


   Parallel Sessions 

  • Nanomaterials: Advanced Fabrication and Characterization
    Chair: Amit Sitt, TAU. Invited speakers: Rafal Klajn, WIS; Yuval Yaish, Technion
  • Energy and Sustainability
    Chair: Lioz Etgar, HUJI | Invited speakers: Dan Oron, WIS; Iris Visoly Fisher, BGU
  • Bio-Interfaces and Bio-Engineering
    Chair: Shirley Daube, WIS | Invited speakers: Yael Hanein, TAU; Hanna Rapaport, BGU
  • Nano Electronics and Spintronics
    Chair: Doron Naveh, BIU | Invited speakers: Amos Sharoni, BIU; Yoram Dagan, TAU
  • Photonics and Plasmonics
    Chair: Dan Oron, WIS | Invited speakers: Haim Suchowsky, TAU; Guy Bartal, Technion
  • Responsive Surfaces and Electrochemistry
    Chair: Boaz Pokroy, Technion | Invited speakers: Ester Segal, Technion; Daniel Mandler, HUJI
  • Spectrocopy and Surface Science
    Chair: Tsachi Livneh, NRCN | Invited speakers: Elad Gross, HUJI ; Eli Kolodney, Technion
  • Mechanical Properties and Tribology of Soft and Biological Matter  
    Chair: Shelly Tzlil, Technion | Invited speakers: Jay Feineberg, HUJI; Avraham Be'er, BGU; Haim Diamant, TAU


   Monday, September 11th- Workshop 
   Chemical Modification of Semiconductor Surfaces


  • Gas and Liquid Etching of III-V Semiconductors | Anthony Muscat, AVS
  • Organic Monolayers  | Chaim Sukenik, BIU
  • ALD and ALE | Michael Stokeley, Oxford Instruments company
  • Surface Doping | Roie Yerushalmi, HUJI
  • Surface Characterization Tools | Yaakov Tischler, BIU



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