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Poster Display Session

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Galia Faingold

Enhancing ammonia combustion with plasma-created species: plasma assisted reforming, ignition and flames

Abhijeet Das
(Rajiv Gandhi Univ.)

Consequence of Pb doping mediated surface morphology on conductivity of CdS thin films – A stereometric and fractal based study

Guy Ohad

Band gaps of crystalline solids from Wannier-localization–based optimal tuning of a screened range-separated hybrid functional

Itum Ruti
(Rajiv Gandhi Univ.)

Synthesis of reduced graphene oxide using ascorbic acid for supercapacitor applications: A simple and green approach


Debopriya Dutta

Cross-field optoelectronic modulation via inter-coupled ferroelectricity in 2D In2Se3

Michelle Akerman

Charging Amorphous Solid Water Films by Ne+ Ions Characterized by Contact Potential Difference Measurements

Jyoti Jaiswal
(Rajiv Gandhi Univ.)

CdTe-functionalized ZnO filled porous Si hybrid hierarchical nanostructured thin films for low-temperature operable highly-selective/sensitive NO2 sensors

Saptarshi Ghosh

Synthetic Route Towards Scalable Production in Pure Phase of WS2 & MoS2 Inorganic Nanotubes and their Unusual Properties


Si Shen

On Energy Distribution in Nanosecond-Pulsed High-Frequency Discharge Ignition

Margarita Shepelenko

Polymorphism, Structure, and Nucleation of Cholesterol.H2O at Aqueous Interfaces and in Pathological Media: Revisited from a Computational Perspective

Thomas Gilmore
(Impedans Ltd)

Measuring the role of energetic ions at the substrate in Thin Film plasma processing

Sreedhara MB

Asymmetric “misfit” nanotubes: Chemical affinity outwits the entropy at high-temperature solid-state reactions


Itamar Cohen

Laser Wakefield Acceleration from Nebular-Shaped Plasmas

Ramesh Nandi

A protein-based free-standing proton-conducting transparent elastomer for large-scale sensing applications

Naga Prathibha Jasti

Solvent-free, Smooth and Oriented Pb Halide Perovskite Films by CW Laser Deposition

Lev Rovinsky

Ar-annealing: Tailoring the Interface of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes for Enhancement of Nanocomposite Homogeneity


Daniel Maler

Generation of supersonic water jets by underwater electrical explosion of wire arrays

Nir Dayan

Electron paramagnetic resonance measurements of micro-crystals and subnanoliter liquids

Bin Zhang

Quantum Electron-Optics – Emergence of a Research Field

Isak Beilis

Zr Thin Film Deposition by a Hot Refractory Anode Vacuum Arc


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