Flash Talks (posters)

Flash Talks (posters)

Flash Talks (Poster) Session

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Plasma Science

Surface Science
jointly with
Soft & Biological Matter,

Energy & Catalysis

Sensors & Printing

Nanomaterials & Nanotechnology
jointly with
Nanoelectronics & Spintronics

Energy & Catalysis

jointly with
Sensors & Printing


Galia Faingold

Enhancing ammonia combustion with plasma-created species: plasma assisted reforming, ignition and flames

Abhijeet Das
(Rajiv Gandhi Univ.)

Consequence of Pb doping mediated surface morphology on conductivity of CdS thin films – A stereometric and fractal based study

Itum Ruti
(Rajiv Gandhi Univ.)

Synthesis of reduced graphene oxide using ascorbic acid for supercapacitor applications: A simple and green approach

Guy Ohad

Band gaps of crystalline solids from Wannier-localization–based optimal tuning of a screened range-separated hybrid functional


Isak Beilis

Zr Thin Film Deposition by a Hot Refractory Anode Vacuum Arc

Michelle Akerman

Charging Amorphous Solid Water Films by Ne+ Ions Characterized by Contact Potential Difference Measurements

Saptarshi Ghosh

Synthetic Route Towards Scalable Production in Pure Phase of WS2 & MoS2 Inorganic Nanotubes and their Unusual Properties

Jyoti Jaiswal
(Rajiv Gandhi Univ.)

CdTe-functionalized ZnO filled porous Si hybrid hierarchical nanostructured thin films for low-temperature operable highly-selective/sensitive NO2 sensors


Si Shen

On Energy Distribution in Nanosecond-Pulsed High-Frequency Discharge Ignition

Margarita Shepelenko

Polymorphism, Structure, and Nucleation of Cholesterol.H2O at Aqueous Interfaces and in Pathological Media: Revisited from a Computational Perspective

Sreedhara MB

Asymmetric “misfit” nanotubes: Chemical affinity outwits the entropy at high-temperature solid-state reactions

Thomas Gilmore 
(Impedans Ltd)

Measuring the role of energetic ions at the substrate in Thin Film plasma processing


Itamar Cohen

Laser Wakefield Acceleration from Nebular-Shaped Plasmas

Ramesh Nandi

A protein-based free-standing proton-conducting transparent elastomer for large-scale sensing applications

Debopriya Dutta

Cross-field optoelectronic modulation via inter-coupled ferroelectricity in 2D In2Se3

Nir Dayan 

Electron paramagnetic resonance measurements of micro-crystals and subnanoliter liquids


Daniel Maler

Generation of supersonic water jets by underwater electrical explosion of wire arrays

Lev Rovinsky 

Ar-annealing: Tailoring the Interface of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes for Enhancement of Nanocomposite Homogeneity

Naga Prathibha Jasti

Solvent-free, Smooth and Oriented Pb Halide Perovskite Films by CW Laser Deposition


Bin Zhang

Quantum Electron-Optics


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Afternoon Parallel Sessions at 13:30


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