IVS-Student 2021 - Program and Video links

IVS-Student 2021 - Program and Video links

Conference Program

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Prof. Daniel Nessim (IVS President)

Parallel Sessions I


Energy and Sustainability: Mechanism Investigation

Soft and Biological Matter I

Nanomaterials I

Nanoelectronics and Spintronics


Chair: Shira Haber (WIS)

Chair: Kusha Sharma (BIU)

Chair: Lev Rovinsky (TAU)

Chair: Rajashree Konar (BIU)



Isaac Buchine (BIU)

How Does Humidity Influence the Mechanical Behavior of Halide Perovskite?

Shiran Ziv Sharabani (TAU)

Messy to Ordered: The Role of Fiber Diameter in Determining the Shape Morphing Behavior of 2D Networks Constructed of Mesoscale Responsive Fibers

Gal Michaely (BGU)

Mixed Dimensionality: High Robust and Multifunctional Carbon-based Composites

Ieva Vaibraithe Adereth (TAU)

Soft Organic Neural Interface for Recording and Stimulating the Intact Retina



Sreelakshmi Anil (IISER, India)

Insights into the Role of Ion-Solvent Complex on the Mechanism and Kinetics of Reductive Decomposition of Electrolytes for Lithium Ion Batteries and Post-Lithium Ion Batteries

Sara Battista (AQ, Italy)

Physicochemical Properties, Antibacterial Activity and Synergistic Combination With Antibiotics of Structurally Related Liposomes

Din Zelikovich (HUJI)

Shell-Matrix Interaction in Nanoparticle Imprinted Matrices (NAIMs)

Daniel Nikiforov (Technion)

Intra-Island Coulomb Correlations in PEDOT:PSS Thin Films: Saturation of Spin Polarization Magnetoresistance





Organic Semiconductors – Why Do They Work?

Prof. Sir Richard Friend (University of Cambridge)




Parallel Sessions II



Spectroscopy and Microscopy I

Nanomaterials II

Soft and Biological
Matter II

Chair: Iris Berg (HUJI)

Chair: Shir Abramovich (BGU)

Chair: Madina Telkhozhayeva (BIU)

Chair: Kusha sharma (BIU)



Dima Azaiza-Dabbah (WIS)

Electrocatalytic Reduction of CO2 and Oxidation of CO Catalyzed by Polyoxometalates

Shani Har Lavan (BGU)

Investigating Decomposition Mechanisms in Cold Plasma with In-situ Optical Diagnostics

Ella Sanders (WIS)

Remanent Polarization and Strong Photoluminescence Modulation by an External Electric Field in Epitaxial Halide Perovskite Nanowires

Shiri Dishon (WIS)

Surface Piezoelectricity and Pyroelectricity in Centrosymmetric α-glycine



Melina Zysler (BIU)

Carbon Supported Pt-Ni Octahedral Electrocatalyst As a Model to Follow Nickel Corrosion and Particle Detachment

Matan Menahem (WIS)

Strongly Anharmonic Octahedral Tilting in 2D Hybrid Halide Perovskites

Lior Asor (HUJI)

Doped InAs Nanocrystals: from Structure to Functionality in All-Nanocrystal-Based Electronic Devices

Dana Cohen-Gerassi (TAU)

Phase Transition and Crystallization Kinetics of a Supramolecular System in a Microfluidic Platform





Round Table Discussion: Career Path Choices

  • Intel - Dr. Alexander Strikovsky
  • Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz - Dr. Rivi Steinhart
  • 3DBattery - Yehuda Buganim
  • ScienceAbroad  - Nadav Douani (CEO), Dr. Hannah Noa Barad (Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems), Dr. Ronen Gottesman (Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin)
  • Academia - Prof. Elad Gross (HUJI), Dr. Michal Leskes (WIS)


Company Designated Rooms



Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz







Parallel Sessions III


Catalysis and Sustainability

Spectroscopy and Microscopy II:
Magnetic Resonance

Nanomaterials III

Energy Storage Materials


Chair: Iris Berg (HUJI)

Chair: Maor Asher (WIS)

Chair: Lev Rovinsky (TAU)

Chair: Nitai Arbell (Technion)



Ashish Prajapti (BGU)

Broadband Absorption with Arrays of Subwavelength Trumpet Non-imaging Light Concentrators

Asya Svirinovsky-Arbeli (WIS)

Monitoring Dendrites Growth in Composite Electrolytes by Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy

Faris Horani (Technion)

II-VI Anisotropic Nanocrystals and Core/Shell Colloidal Semiconductor Nanoplatelets: Room-Temperature Synthesis, Physical Characterizations, and Exotic Optical Properties

Gayathri Peta (BIU)

The Electrochemical Performance of
Composite Electrolytes for
Na-ion Batteries



Nagaprasad Reddy
Samala (BIU)

Approaches for Controlling the Mechanism of Molecular Catalysts Towards ORR

Nir Dayan (Technion)

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Measurements of Micro-crystals and Subnanoliter Liquids

Avia Ohayon-Lavi (BGU)

Compression-Enhanced Thermal Conductivity of Carbon-loaded Polymer Composites

Adva Shpatz Dayan (HUJI)

Study of Selective Contacts in Inverted Perovskite Solar Cells




Flash Talks Session

Materials Characterization Techniques

Soft and Biological Matter

Spectroscopy and Microscopy


Nanoelectronics and Spintronics

Energy Materials: Modifications

Chair: Nitai Arbell (Technion)

Chair: Kusha Sharma (BIU)

Chair: Maor Asher (WIS)

Chair: Madina Telkhozhayeva (BIU)

Chair: Rajashree Konar (BIU)

Chair: Shira Haber (WIS)


Flash Talks Session

Paz Stein (BGU)

Synthesis and Characterization of Nickel- Based Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anode by Inkjet Printing

Avital Reizman (Technion)

Dynamic coating of one liquid by another by employing the Acoustowetting phenomenon

Guy Reuveni (WIS)

Effect of The Organic A-site Cation in Lead Halide Bromides

Jyoti Jaiswal (Rajiv)

Growth of Vertically Aligned Nanocrystalline MoS2 Thin Films by DC Sputtering: Microstructural, Optical and Electrical Properties

Subhajit Sarkar (BGU)

Theory of Hot Carriers And Carrier Heating In Semiconductors

Anagha Usha Vijayakumar (BIU)

Combinatorial Synthesis and Screening of a Ternary NiFeCoOx Library for the Oxygen evolution Reaction


Flash Talks Session

Chen Oppenhime (WIS)

Investigation of the Ceramic-Polymer Interface in composite Electrolyte by DNP-NMR Spectroscopy

Hani Burham (TAU)

Functional Decoration of Biocompatible Veterite Mesoporous Nanoparticles for Targeted Drug Delivery: Tailored Properties for in-situ Theragnostic

Bharathi Rajeswaran (BIU)

Exploring Dielectric Stacks for Raman Enhancement in Exfoliated CVD-grown 2D Nanosheets of Transition Metal DiChalcogenides

Lucas Luciano Cullari (BGU)

Trapped and Alone: Clay-assisted Aqueous Graphene Dispersions

Nitzan Shauloff (BGU)

Sniffing Bacteria with a Carbon-Dot Artificial Nose

Eliran Evenstein (BIU)

Li Batteries Cathode Material Stabilization Using ALD Synthesis of Artificial Cathode Electrolyte Interphase (ACEI) for Medical Applications


Flash Talks Session

Asmita Dutta (Ariel)

Laser Carbonization of Carbon Composite for Flexible Electronics

Gal Yosefi (BGU)

Time Matters for Macroscopic Membranes Formed by Alginate and Cationic β-sheet Peptides

Tamir Yeshurun (TAU)

Method for Extraction of Spatial External Luminescence Efficiency in Solar Cells Using Photoluminescence Measurements and Optical Modeling

Gal Finkelstein Zuta (TAU)

Energy Harvesting by Piezoelectric Peptides for Biocompatible Power Solutions

Itamar Eyal (TAU)

“All Electric” Ion Pumps for Artificial Cell Membranes

Sivan Tzadka (BGU)

Direct Nanoimprint on Chalcogenide Glasses Substrate for Optical Applications





The World of 2D Carbides and Nitrides (MXenes)
Prof. Yury Gogotsi (Drexel University)





Closing Remarks & Awards

Eight prizes (two prizes sponsored by Intel and Pearl-Cohen)

Top 3
Flash Talk

1st Prize: Subhajit Sarkar (BGU)
2nd Prize: Chen Oppenheim (WIS)
3rd Prize: Gal Yosefi (BGU), and Lucas Luciano Cullari (BGU)

Top 3
Oral Presentation
(2nd prize sponsored by Pearl-Cohen)

1st Prize: Ella Sanders Klein (WIS)
2nd Prize: Shani Har Lavan (BGU))
3rd Prize: Buchine Issac (BIU), Matan Menahem (WIS), and Din Zelikovich (HUJI)

2 Female
(laptops) by Intel

Anagha Usha Vijayakumar (BIU)
Avia Ohayon-Lavi (BGU)


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