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Official Opening of the Conference

Welcome, Gilbert Daniel Nessim (BIU), IVS President


Yi Cui

Director, Precourt Institute for Energy
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering,
Stanford University

Photon Science, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Session Chair: Doron Aurbach (BIU)


Reinventing Batteries Through Materials Design

The fast growth of portable power sources for transportation and grid-scale stationary storage presents great opportunities for battery development. The invention of lithium ion batteries has been recognized with Nobel Prize in 2019. How to increase energy density, reduce cost, speed up charging, extend life, enhance safety and reuse/recycle are critical challenges. Here I will present the 156 year research in my lab to reinvent batteries and address many of challenges by understanding the materials and interfaces through new tools and providing guiding principles for design. The topics to be discussed include: 1) A breakthrough tool of cryogenic electron microscopy, leading to atomic scale resolution of fragile battery materials and interfaces. 2) Materials design to enable high capacity materials: Si and Li metal anodes and S cathodes. 3) Interfacial design with polymer and inorganic coating to enhance cycling efficiency of battery electrodes. 4) Materials design for safety enhancement. 6) Lithium extraction from sea water and for battery recycling. 7) New battery chemistry for grid scale storage.



Coffee Break


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Morning Parallel Sessions


Surface Science

Chair: Baran Eren (WIS)

Keynote speakers: Leo Gross (IBM Zurich), Martin Castell (Oxford)
Invited speakers: Nurit Avraham (WIS), Oded Millo (HUJI)
Contributed speakers: Sidney Cohen (WIS), Elad Gross (HUJI)

Roundtable discussion:
Atomic-scale manufacturing, surface science and quantum circuits Moderator: Sidney Cohen (WIS)


Energy & Catalysis

Chair: Gil Shalev (BGU)

Keynote speakers: Avner Rothschild (Technion), Nir Tessler (Technion)
Invited speakers: Rafi Shikler (BGU), Gideon Segev (TAU)
Contributed speakers: Igor Rahinov (OUI), Isaac Buchine (BIU)

Roundtable discussion:
Energy challenges that we face today, the Israeli corner
Moderator: Doron Aurbach (BIU)


Nanoelectronics & Spintronics

Chair: Ilan Shalish (BGU)

Keynote speakers: Andras Kis (EPFL), Zeev Zalevsky (BIU)
Invited speakers: Ron Folman (BGU), Leeor Kronik (WIS)
Contributed speakers: Yaakov Tischler (BIU), Subhrajit Mukherjee (Technion)

Roundtable discussion:
Future of Electronics
Moderator: Yossi Paltiel (HUJI) 


Plasma Science I

Chair: Reuven Boxman (TAU)

Keynote speaker: Otto Landen (LLNL)
Contributed speakers: Hank Strauss (HRS Fusion), Nir Druker (Technion), Yang Cao (Technion), Marko Cvejic (WIS), Sharon Waichman (NRCN, Rotem Industries)


Roundtable discussion:
Plasma for a Greener Earth

Moderator: Reuven Boxman (TAU)



Roundtable Discussions




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<< Poster Display Session >>
opens between 12:30-13:30


<< Afternoon Parallel Sessions >>



Afternoon Parallel Sessions


Sensors & Printing

Chair: Hila Elimelech (Plantish)

Keynote speaker: Oded Shoseyov (HUJI), Yossi Rosenwaks (TAU)
Invited speakers: Vladimir Popov (Technion), Nurit Atar (SNRC)
Contributed speakers: Rajashree Konar (BIU)

Roundtable discussion:
3D printing for Defence applications

Moderator: Ehud Galun (MAFAT)


Soft & Biological Matter

Chair: Nadav Amdursky (Technion)

Keynote speakers: Uri Raviv (HUJI), Molly Stevens (ICL, London)
Invited speakers: Boaz Mizrahi (Technion), Alireza Dolatshahi-Pirouz (DTU, Denmark)
Contributed speakers: Irit Rosenhek-Goldian (WIS), Esti Toledo (BGU)

Roundtable discussion:
Bioderived Materials for Health Applications: Current challenges and opportunities
Moderator: Nadav Amdursky (Technion)


Nanomaterials & Nanotechnology

Chair: Hagay Shpaisman (BIU)

Keynote speakers: Reshef Tenne (WIS), Oleg Gang (Columbia Univ.)
Invited speakers: Tamar Segal-Peretz (Technion), Gil Markovich (TAU) Contributed speakers: Sujit Kumar (WIS, BIU), Sivan Tzadka (BGU)

Roundtable discussion:
Nanomaterials & Nanotechnology: the next 20 years
Moderator: Reshef Tenne (WIS)


Plasma Science II

Chair: Joseph Lefkowitz (Technion)

Keynote speakers: Eduardo Ahedo (UC3M), Michael Keidar (GWU) Contributed speakers: Dan Lev (Technion), Omri Hamo (Technion), Amnon Fruchtman (H.I.T), Asher Yahalom (Ariel U.), Amir Weinberg (Ariel U.)


Roundtable discussion:
Space Plasma Propulsion

Moderator: Igal Kronhaus



Roundtable Discussions



Coffee Break


Plenary Session II
IVS-IPSTA Research Excellence Awardees

Noam Eliaz (TAU) & Milko van der Boom (WIS)
Joint winners of this year’s
IVS Excellence Award for Research


Introducing the Winner of IVS Excellence Award for Research


Noam Eliaz (TAU)

Department of Materials Science and Engineering,
Tel-Aviv University

Electrodeposition in the Era of Additive Manufacturing


Milko van der Boom (WIS)

Department of Molecular Chemistry and Materials Science,
Weizmann Institute of Science

Crystals and Thin Films Made in Israel




IVS Excellence Early-Career Award for Research

Tamar Segal-Peretz (Technion)


IVS Excellence Award for Surface Science Expertise
Hagit Aviv (BIU)


IVS Excellence Award for Outstanding Female Scientist - Sponsored by Intel
Dina Rosenberg (TAU)


IVS Excellence Award for Technical Skills
Itamar Padel (BIU)


The Samuel Goldsmith Student Prize

Yang Cao (Technion)


Intel Prize for Best Student Poster
Ramesh Nandi (Technion)


IVS Prize for Best Student Poster


IVS Prize for Best Student Poster
Itamar Cohen (TAU)



IVS General Assembly


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IVS-IPSTA 2021 - 39th Annual Conference
November 17, 2021 | ONLINE

Conference Organizing Team

Gilbert Daniel Nessim (IVS President, BIU) | Ilya Grinberg (BIU) | Haim Barak (BIU)

Tatyana Bendikov (WIS) | Elad Koren (Technion) | Muhammad Bashouti (BGU) 
Noa Lachman-Senesh (TAU) | Igal Kronhaus (Technion)
Sharon Waichman (NRCN, Rotem Industries)