Roie Yerushalmi - Video Lecture

Roie Yerushalmi - Video Lecture

IVS-IPSTA 2020 Online Conference December 13, 2020

Materials Assembly & Sensors Session
Session chair:
Amit Sitt

Tel Aviv University

Water-Compatible Electronic Tunneling Spectroscopy Detectors enabled by Nano-Floret Hybrid Nanosystems

Roie Yerushalmi

Institute of Chemistry,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


A detection scheme that rely on real-time measurement of the tunneling current through molecules under ambient conditions is presented by employing a robust, scalable, portable and water-compatible tunneling device. The fabrication of self-forming nanogap junction devices is attained taking advantage of the unique structural motifs of a new class of hybrid nano structures. Using this new class of hybrid nano structures termed 'nano-florets' simple methods for device fabrication are presented circumventing the need for high resolution techniques enabling facile electronic measurements across molecules and nanoparticles under ambient conditions. Connecting the NF nanojunction to the micro-, and macro-scales is achieved by applying standard, robust, optical lithography. In addition, the devices are operable in atmospheric pressure and even at liquids with no need for vacuum while delivering molecular-level electronic information. Our results provide  proof-of-concept of large scale self-forming nanogap device platform realized using simple fabrication tools. The methodology presented here is the first step towards low cost, on-chip compatible devices delivering information-rich detection scheme relying on the DOS of captured species embedded in the solvent environment. Such a technology can be used for molecular detectors, as a potential building block for molecular electronics, or as a platform for fundamental research.