Amnon Fruchtman and Gennady Makrinich - Video Lecture

Amnon Fruchtman and Gennady Makrinich - Video Lecture

IVS-IPSTA 2020 Online Conference December 13, 2020

Morning Plasma Session
Session chair:
Yoav Hadas

RAFAEL, Israel

Research of underwater electrical explosion of wires and strong shock waves generation

Amnon Fruchtman and Gennady Makrinich

Physics Department, H.I.T. – Holon Institute of Technology, Israel


It is shown that if the phase difference between oscillating electric and magnetic field is judiciously chosen, particles are accelerated along a line that is perpendicular to those fields. Moreover, the direction of acceleration depends on the particle mass, so that species of different mass are accelerated in opposite directions. Two configurations are addressed. One configuration is of a linearly-polarized electric and magnetic fields. In a second configuration, a steady axial magnetic field is added to circularly-polarized oscillating fields. For an appropriate phase difference, charged particles, the cyclotron frequencies of which lie on the two opposite sides of the cyclotron resonance, are accelerated in opposite directions. Ion collisions with neutrals cause the ion acceleration to result in a drift velocity of the ions. The direction of the drift also depends on mass. The effects of collisions, initial ion velocity, and fields nonuniformity are also discussed. Separation of particles of different mass is a crucial process in a variety of societal applications.