Yitzhak Maron - Video Lecture

Yitzhak Maron - Video Lecture

IVS-IPSTA 2020 Online Conference December 13, 2020

Morning Plasma Session
Session chair:
Yoav Hadas

RAFAEL, Israel

Experimental determination of the thermal and turbulent ion motion in a stagnating plasma

Yitzhak Maron

Faculty of Physics, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel


Described will be recent advances in spectroscopic diagnostic methods developed for measuring the true ion temperature and the discrimination of the turbulent motion in a Zpinch stagnating plasma. It was found that much of the ion kinetic energy at stagnation is stored in hydrodynamic rather than in thermal motion. This observation contributed to progress in understanding the ion thermalization at stagnation, and stimulated further investigations of turbulence at stagnation that will be discussed too.