IVS Honorary Membership Award

IVS Honorary Membership Award

The Board of the Israel Vacuum Society
Honorary Membership

Prof. Igor Rahinov

President of the Society during the years 2017-2020

For his Role in Promotion of the Society to the Forefront
of Science and Technology in Israel



Prof. Igor Rahinov's
research interests
concern primarily the complex interplay between condensed phase and gaseous environment. Within this vein the research focuses on two separate, yet closely coupled directions: (1) Fabrication of nanomaterials by gas-phase high temperature synthesis (e.g. combustion and chemical vapor deposition) and (2) Study of the basic aspects of the interaction and the energy exchange between surfaces and gas-phase environment. These two research directions aim to elucidate the mechanistic pathways leading to synthesis of smart catalytic materials on one hand, and to the understanding of the basic aspects of gas-surface interaction, related to heterogeneous catalysis on the other.