IVS-IPSTA 2020 - Soft and Biological Matter Session

IVS-IPSTA 2020 - Soft and Biological Matter Session

 IVS-IPSTA 2020 - 38th Annual Conference - ONLINE
December 13, 2020

Soft and Biological Matter Session
Session chair: Ulyana Shimanovich (Weizmann Institute of Science)

Zoom link for the Soft and Biological Matter Session

 13:30               Fritz Vollrath (University of Oxford)
                          Keynote Speaker

Spider's droplet silk, a most intriguing class of materials
Fritz Vollrath
Department of Zoology,
University of Oxford,
Oxford, UK

 13:50               Filipe Natalio (WIS)
                          Invited Speaker

Semi-synthetic biological fabrication of cellulose fibers with tailored properties
Filipe Natalio (WIS)
Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences,
Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

 14:05               Raya Sorkin (TAU)
                          Invited Speaker

The soft side of extra-cellular vesicles
Raya Sorkin
Institute of Chemistry,
School of Chemistry, Tel Aviv University, Israel

 14:20               Ronit Bitton (BGU)
                          Invited Speaker

Macroscopic sacs and membranes of hierarchically assembled biopolymers and peptides
Ronit Bitton
Department of Chemical Engineering,
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

 14:20               Irit Rosenhek-Goldian (WIS)
                          Contributed Speaker

Mechanical properties of fibrillar materials: the role of H-bond formation in amyloid peptides
Irit Rosenhek-Goldian
Surface Analysis Laboratory
Department of Chemical Research Support
Weizmann Institute of Science, Isreal

 14:40               Chiara Daraio (CalTech)
                          Keynote Speaker

Organic temperature and IR sensors
Chiara Daraio
Division of Engineering and Applied Science,
California Institute of Technology, USA