IVS-IPSTA-2020- old page

IVS-IPSTA-2020- old page

SAVE THE DATE and join us at the 38th Annual Conference of the Israel Vacuum Society, to be held jointly with Israeli Conference on Plasma Science and Applications - IVS-IPSTA 2020, now online on December 13, 2020.


The program will consist of plenary, invited talks, and contributed talks – all talks followed by roundtables and discussions.

The meeting will include the following sessions:

  1. Plasma Science – morning and afternoon sessions: session chairs: Ido Barth (HUJI), Yoav Hadas (Rafael).
  2. Microscopy and Spectroscopy of Surfaces and Interfaces - session chair: Maya Bar-Sadan (BGU).
  3. Energy and Catalysis- session chair: Malachi Noked (BIU).
  4. Nanomaterials, Thin films and Surface Science – session chair: David Zitoun (BIU).
  5. Nanoelectronics and Spintronics – session chair: Elad Koren (Technion).
  6. Soft and Biological Matter – session chair: Ulyana Shimanovich (WIS).
  7. Sensors and Printing – session chair: Amit Sitt (TAU).

Plenary speaker

Paul S. Weiss (UCLA), founder and editor-in-chief, ACS Nano

Keynote speakers

Prof. Wolfgang Zeier (Muenster) • Prof. Shahal Ilani (WIS)
Prof. Luis Liz-Marzan (CIC biom)Prof. Chiara Daraio (CalTech)
Prof. John Hart (MIT)Prof. Sarah Haigh (Manchester)
Prof. Nathaniel Fisch (Princeton) • Prof. Yakov Krasik (Technion)


Information on registration (free of charge) - COMING SOON

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We are looking forward to seeing you at IVS-IPSTA 2020!

Organizing Committee

The IVS-IPSTA 2020 conference is being organized by Gilbert Daniel Nessim, IVS President (BIU), Hagay Shpaisman (BIU), Ilya Grinberg (BIU), Yaron Amouyal (Technion), Noa Lachman-Senesh (TAU), Haim Barak (BIU), and Sharon Waichman (NRCN,Rotem Industries) and will encompass various aspects of surface science, nanoscience and nanotechnology, material science and plasma science and technology.