IVS Student Conference 2020

IVS Student Conference 2020

The IVS 2020 Student Conference held on July 20, 2020 via Zoom, was a success.

The conference had the following highlights:

  • Two fantastic keynote lectures were delivered by Prof. Andrew Rappe (U. Penn) and Prof. Shlomo Magdassi (HUJI), that were followed by extensive discussions with students. Prof. Rappe’s talk on ‘Materials of the Future’ and Prof. Magdassi’s lecture ‘From Gutenberg bible to 4D printing’ were enthusiastically attended by a good strength of students and gave them a general idea on hot topics and materials in the field of Chemistry and Material Science.
  • Three parallel sessions were held, where students presented their work and held extensive discussions.
  • During the flash talk session, students gave a quick overview of their work and answered various questions put forward by their peers.
  • Career panel with key representatives from the industry, Intel (Mahdi Halabi, Kim Twill, Yael Metzuyanim, and Merav Chetrit), Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzar Baratz (Dr. Tamar van der Boom, Dr. Anat de Picciotto), NVIDIA (Dr. Elad Mentovich, Dr. Ella Lamdani Zvinitski, and Dr. Yael Aviram Rosenfeld), Science Abroad (Dr. Nadav Douani, Dr. Hannah Noa Barad, Dr. Elena Meirzadeh, and Dr. Ronen Gottesman) and academia, Dr. Malachi Noked (BIU) and Prof. Maya Bar-Sadan (BGU), was arranged where the representatives discussed and answered various 'Career Path Choices' with MSc and Ph.D. students as well as Post docs.
  • The career panel was followed by dedicated breakout rooms hosted by: Intel, Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzar Baratz, NVIDIA, Science Abroad, Academia, where they introduced the recruitment and career related procedures and answered various questions put up by the students and attendees.
  • Top three presentation awards were given. The 1st and 2nd prize was sponsored by Intel and Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzar Baratz respectively.
  • Top three flash talks awards were also given.

We heartily thank and commend the efforts Dr. Hannah Noa Barad and Dr. Ronen Gottesman for establishing the MRS BIU student chapter house and organizing the first IVS Student conference. It is from their pioneering footsteps and efforts that we drew inspiration while organizing this year's IVS Student conference during the current COVID-19 crisis. 

On the success of IVS 2020 student conference, we want to congratulate the organizers, the presenters, the winners and the conference attendees who made it all possible. We also want to thank the career panel participants, Intel, Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz, NVIDIA, Science Abroad, Prof. Maya Bar-Sadan (BGU), and Dr. Malachi Noked (BIU) for answering career related questions from the students. We would also like to express our sincere gratitude towards the two keynote speakers, Prof. Andrew Rappe (UPenn) and Prof. Shlomo Magdassi (HUJI), who graced the event with their fantastic lectures.

Many thanks to the conference sponsors, Bar Ilan Institute of Nanotechnology (BINA), Department of Chemistry (BIU), Faculty of Engineering (BIU), Faculty of Engineering (TAU), Wolfson Applied Materials Research Centre (TAU), Sustainability and Energy Research Initiative (SAERI, WIS), The Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (HUJI), and to Dr. Muhammad Bashouti (Department of Solar Energy and Environmental Physics, BGU). Their generous support amid the COVID-19 pandemic made it possible to organize the conference smoothly.

There were 3 best prizes for 10-min lectures and 3 best prizes for 5-min flash talks. The 1st and the 2nd Prize for the 10-min lecture category were sponsored by Intel and Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz, respectively.

The winners for the 10-min lecture presentation category are:
1. Maor Asher (WIS)
2. Shira Haber (WIS)
3. Yulia Shmidov (BGU)

The winners for the 5-min flash talk category are:
1. Molhm Nassir (BIU)
2. Evgeny Mervinetsky (HUJI)
3. Ran Attias (BIU), and Pola Shriber (BIU)

On their huge success, we congratulate our student organizing team:
Sarah Taragin, BIU
Kusha Sharma, BIU
Eliran Evenstein, BIU
David Svetlizky, TAU
Shahar Derei, HUJI
Lotem Alus, WIS
Amiram Azulay, TECH
Ayat Asleh, BGU
Jonathan Tzadikov, BGU