Enrique Grunbaum

Enrique Grunbaum

Enrique Grunbaum 1927- 2013

Pioneer of Lorentz Microscopy of paramagnetic materials

1955 - 1958    Research at Imperial College, London

                       Research on Epitaxial Growth of Thin Films, Physics Department, Universidad de Chile

1968- 1970    Head of Department 

1971- 2013    Research in Electron Microscopy and diffraction: nanostructures of superconducting Aluminum films, Epitaxial growth, solar cells, misfit dislocations, quantum well solar cells, dopant contrast, at Tel- Aviv University.

1978 - 1983  Head of Physical Electronics Department, Faculty of Engineering, TAU

1985 - 1989 IVS President

An active member of IVS board to the last day of his life.

A few words written by Sidney Cohen, WIS:

Although I did not have the opportunity to work with him scientifically as many of you did, the many experiences we shared within the IVS leave a lasting impression.

Enrique was a permanent fixture within the IVS. He brought with him the history of the society founders, but also participated actively and gave generously of his time and efforts until his death (he just finished arranging the place for IVS board meeting this week at TAU). Although when I first met him, he was already in his 70s, he had the energy of a young man.  He never stood behind pride or honor, but was willing to do anything necessary to further the goals of the society, whether it was as councilor to the international society (within which he was treated with great respect), evaluating abstracts for the conference, organizing the program, bringing funding for an activity, or arranging transportation for poster boards, it was clear that when a task was given to Enrique it would be done, and done with perfection. He always had a smile, but also knew how to stand up for what he felt was right and fight for it when necessary. He was also a true friend to many of us, always showed interest in what we were doing and had a word of encouragement. Certainly, we are all enriched for having known him.