Our community

Our community

The research performed by IVS members spans a large number of fields and areas. As part of our mission, the IVS is determined to foster scientific and technological ties between researchers sharing similar or complementary areas of interest.

By clicking on a specific field below you may find the names of relevant researchers currently working in a specific area in Israel and their affiliation, telephone number and Email address. Being part of the IVS community may assist your colleagues in locating partners for grant submission, or companies looking for a consultant exactly in your area. It may also assist in sharing technical expertise, an issue which is of great importance when you have to decide on purchasing an expensive piece of equipment or have technical problems with existing equipment. Moreover, it may assist those potential graduate students who are seeking mentors in specific fields.

Appearing in the list is obviously voluntary. All that is required to be included in the community is to fill out and submit the IVS Community- Submission Form  At present, participation in the community is not limited to IVS members. Please note that this community page is for independent researchers only and is definitively not for graduate students.

It should be noted also that the IVS has no means to verify the details submitted by researchers.  If you have encountered a mistake in the list, do not hesitate to contact us. To be removed from the list, simply send us an email. 


List of fields

Applied Surface Science
Biomaterial Interfaces
Carbon-Based Materials
Crystal Growth
Electronic Materials and Processing
Electron Transport in low Dimensional Media
Energy Frontiers
Heterogeneous Catalysis
Magnetic Interfaces and Nanostructure
MEMs and NEMs
Microelectronic Devices
Molecular Beams
Nanometer- Scale Science and Technology
Plasma Science and Technology
SA and LB Layers
Solar Cells
Surface Phenomena
Surface Characterization techniques
Thin Films
Vacuum Technology
Wetting Phenomena